SysOps Mngr ⛴️ empower partners at scale w/ design, execution & growth

At our core, we’re here to help! 😄 I maintain these ideals with my team:

🏛️ Design: Empower stakeholders by understanding their goals and implementing impactful, lasting solutions with a focus on user experience and reporting.

🏛️ Execute: Utilize new and existing tools, partner with tribes that will further our cause, and strive to be the subject matter expert within our domain.

🏛️ Grow: Maintain pillars of humanity and efficiency by creating a culture of welcoming compassion while constantly expanding our capacity.

When starting at Lemonade, I launched countless initiatives that involved building and overhauling platforms to accommodate new teams, insurance products and expansion to additional countries. I helped guide our customer facing, business analysis, product and infrastructure orgs as a system owner.

I’m excited to take this experience and scale the Systems Operations group under IT as Lemonade continues to delight customers by injecting technology and transparency into the insurance industry. If you’d like, let’s say hello on LinkedIn!